Lucent Engineering mission is to engineer and manufacture ranges of lights to suit specific applications. Our first range of lights was the Hammerhead series of lights, where we designed a series of light to suit mining and heavy industrial applications. We took our learning from around the world and developed a light which not only had the output and durability to suit the different types of mines around the world but also made it easy for the fitters to aim the lights correctly thus getting the maximum benefit from LED lighting.

The Great White range of LED driving lights changed the way professional truck drivers used lights in Australia. In the past drivers always went with one pencil beam and one broad beam, but with the Great Whites we were able to get the distance they required and the spread they were looking for at the same time reducing eye fatigue and contact with animals.

The Blacktip range has been designed in the same way, from our research we have identified there is need for a range of lights to suit that mid-tier industrial applications which has a flexible mounting system. We also recognized output is also important in these applications so we decided to use the latest LED available and run these 10 watt LED at 7 watt to increase the luminesce efficiency thus producing high lumen output from a small light. The coatings we use are marine grade to handle being used in salt mines or on applications were salt is applied to the road to stop ice forming. We use deutch connectors on all out lights as these are the best connectors on the market for our applications. The lights are built with polarity protection and meet Cisper 25 class 1 rating. As you can see Lucent Engineering manufactures “ranges” of lights for an application, we are not a generalist, our ranges are usually between 6 to 10 part numbers and a specially engineered for that application and this is what separates us from our competitors.

Lucent Engineering aim is to appoint distributors around the world who are capable of selling our products into the markets they are designed for.